Color, Partial Highlight and Cut

All over permanent or semi permanent color with partial highlights covering approximately half of the head with a customized haircut

Time Estimate: 1:30

Creative or Hidden Colors

Pop of color in certain areas of the head. A few accent slices of color may cost between $5-$10 per foil. Call for consultation and pricing or special request.

Time Estimate: 0:15

Extension Removal

Remove hair extensions, wash, moisture, scalp massage and quick blowout for up to 60 minutes.

Time Estimate: 1:00

Eyebrow Tinting

Application of tint in the eyebrow area to tint, darken or define eyebrows.

Time Estimate: 0:15

Full Babylights

Full head foiling application of fine weaving highlights. Extra for long hair. Please consult with the stylist.

Time Estimate: 1:45

Full Babylights and Other

Fine weaving highlights and haircut or second color application. Long hair is extra. Please consult with the stylist.

Time Estimate: 2:00

Full Face Threading

Includes lip, eyebrows, chin, and sides

Time Estimate: 0:30

Full Lowlights/Highlights

Full head of highlights and full head of lowlights. Long hair is extra.

Time Estimate: 2:00

Glam Girl Haircut Age 8-10 years

Glam Girl haircut 8-10 years includes a Glam Girl style. Up to 30 minutes

Time Estimate: 0:30

Haircut Consultation

Free 5 minute consultation.

Time Estimate: 0:15